Community: 52_flavours
Set: 2005/2006
Claim: ‘na macedonia. Qualunque fandom mi venga in mente (grazie mamma per la trovata).

1. Five shades of white
2. The cruelest month
3. Four rings of light upon the ceiling overhead
4. Everything you ever wished for
5. The effect of impact on stationary objects
6. And yes, the way you look at me
7. Snow falling on corpses
8. The blind leading the blind
9. Four twelves are forty-eight
10. One true thing
11. Your pretty blue eyes are just stained glass
12. Wake unto me
13. Dreams of the impossible
14. As long as you’re mine
15. Bathing in artificial light
16. How fire took water to wife
17. A dark heart, beating
18. The smell of hospitals in winter
19. Another grey day in the deep blue world
20. And I love you even through uncertainty
21. New every morning
22. The laughter of women
23. Truth and peaches
24. So shaken as we are
25. Living like a jellyfish
26. Counterglow
27. Grace coming out of the void
28. Beneath these hands
29. Things in heavenly bodies
30. Dutch courage
31. The currency of hope
32. It’s called love at first, and doesn’t hurt
33. The opposite of faith
34. The imperious life
35. Recalling things that other people have desired.
36. Above the thunder
37. The heart of your gesture
38. Hard, but much truer
39. The need to hold still
40. A new iconography of resurrection
41. Every act of love is separateness
42. Fidelity in adversity
43. Eyes meeting over the noise
44. The possibility of zero
45. Ownership of such fragile devices
46. In praise of surfaces
47. The only adventure
48. Lost, in order to become precious
49. Tomorrow is something we remember
50. As near as now
51. Will you get your wish?
52. To the last syllable of recorded time

Community: 52_flavours
Set: 2007/2008
Claim: ‘na macedonia. Qualunque fandom mi venga in mente (grazie mamma
per la trovata).

1. Kan, ya ma kan
(Translation: Once there was, and once there was not.)



2. let x be the value of he who lies beside me

3. laws of variation

to cut a bouquet
of matter and antimatter roses

5. entire orb of the satellite

A number, a letter
My love,
I stand naked of my name.
You are softwood and carbon.

Write me into being.

7. Approximately the same kind and density

But could be we be together
outside of time as well as inside?

9. More cocaine to kill the pain

You close your mind
To their gentle questions
What do these people know about love?


11. My lord, you called me. I come. What does the king command?

12. No otherways for pomp and majesty

13. Oh! Oh! Malediction!

14. An aspiring villain from the start

15. On purpose to confound this scoundrel’s pride

Do not raise your voice against me, I am not afraid of your
anthem although the lyrics are still bleeding from the
bark of my sapless heart.

17. Fitly to themselves most hard to bear

18. Rage at the rage unblest

19. An ancient game of virgin sacrifice

20. New splendour to the dead

~ FREEDOM 90 ~

21. the heart of a gypsy

22. potentiality knocks on the door of my heart

walk this way
we have been set free

24. when saints set them the example

25. less remain in one place

26. the strong and ephemeral

27. with us your hocus-pocus play

28. sleight of hand and twist of fate

29. the kind of April morning no other month can touch

touched by a thousand invasions
and still forever an island.

~ Love belongs to Desire, and Desire is always cruel ~

And it is only my longing
That saturates the colour of apples
That turns a passing scent into form,
Like breaths sculpted in cold weather.

32. Your kiss a city of stars

This is how your desire
tangles with a desired one.

34. But it is hardly suitable for delicate boys

35. Their beauty is in their testimony

36. Within and without with white

Like two swimmers who love the water, their souls knit
together without being sewn, no seam.

This is not a pen for sheep.

There are no separating distances here.
This is love’s sanctuary.

39. Take aim like Artemis

I want to know how you slept with him, the way you held him.
Every crevice through which my shadow may ink itself.

The more I tell you of my happiness, the more unhappy I am.
That you are not part of it, that you do not covet it for yourself.

~ Folie à deux ~

41. Scenes from the Narcissist café

42. Darling, we’ll be an army of two

43. We were twins too poor to have the dignity of separate names.

44. It is not for nothing he has chosen to shed tears.

45. Misery with tenderness

46. I will believe we have the same skin.

Bitterness doesn’t stand a chance
with those two.

You have set me among those who are defeated.
I know it is not for me to win, nor to leave the game

49. Solipsism in winter

50. Willingly exhibit unto them due honour

Why are men such fools they will not realize
The wisdom that is hidden behind those strange eyes?
And these wonderful people are you and I.


52. speechless with the memory of a drowned moon.

Community: 52_flavours
Set: 2008/2009
Claim: ‘na macedonia. Qualunque fandom mi venga in mente (grazie mamma per la trovata).

1 ) – Beginning?
– Beginnings.


~ No One Was Turned Away ~

2 ) The universe is my country

3 ) Let me go to the window,
Watch there the day-shapes of dusk
And wait and know the coming
Of a little love.

4 ) Secret city of people

5 ) The house of the butterflies

6 ) Like the dew
That clings for life
On hare’s foot fern
So I, too, rely on you
Though I may vanish

7 ) Who is dancing with these
rainbow colours in the sky?

8 ) And turn and go up to the open door boldly,
And knock to the echoes as beggars for roses.

9 ) from which tree’s blossom
it comes, I do not know
this fragrance

10 ) Your house is your larger body.
It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless.

11 ) Perhaps one at last will be left to grow in peace.

~ Could It Be Magic? ~

12 ) Move through smoke and mirrors

13 ) I’m a wanderer trapped in a maze

14 ) Ride the wind and rise to the moon

15 ) Bitter to taste, sweet in imagining

16 ) The scent of a soul

17 ) Our star is fading

18 ) Strange as a dreamer’s mad imaginings

19 ) Of the four elements that frame the heart

20 ) By the enchantment of thy strain

21 ) The moonbeams kiss the sea

~ … Stealing Your Hubcapz ~

22 ) Charisma: a form of voodoo

23 ) Liebes-Attacke

24 ) But why are the worthless multitudes taking you away?

25 ) The swagger of a champion

26 ) Red for the devil, black to inspire fear

27 ) Tales of manly perseverance.
Or the lack thereof.

28 ) “I’m not sure my parents will approve! And they run a bar!”

29 ) But first, I’d like to find out who did it.

30 ) I have all these thoughts, and I’m pretty sure they all contradict each other.

31 ) It’s about creeds and deeds
but words, chivalry seldom needs


32 ) And from
The profound courage to never relinquish love.

33 ) I am full of love tonight
Come look into my eyes, and let’s go off
Sailing, my dear, on a long ocean ride.

34 ) Duong jai
[ translation: one who climbs inside the heart ]

35 ) Love which is simply free

36 ) Who is so safe as we, where none can do
Treason to us, except one of us two?

37 ) For one crowded hour you were the only one in the room

38 ) Your soul is my soul clenched in my fist

39 ) For their two hearts in life were single-hearted

40 ) A joy was erstwhile, In thy voice and thy smile

41 ) I want both of us to start singing like two
Traveling minstrels
About this extraordinary existence
We share

The Four Horsemen

42 ) … and when they come they bring an army.

43 ) A trap from which it will be hard to escape with dignity and honour.

44 ) No opportunity for glory or avarice.

45 ) Stained by martyred blood

46 ) Ere we were disunited?

47 ) Cease, cease — for such wild lessons madmen learn

48 ) The isolated, the dispossessed, the incommunicado

49 ) disappears into emptiness
with a thousand new disguises.

50 ) The second-hand victims of loneliness

51 ) We build worlds that destroy us.


52 ) But a life built on memories is not much of a life.